The Timber Building


Welcome to the future of sustainable office buildings. A majestic wooden structure in the heart of Halley Rise, this mass timber building is ideal for tenants and occupants demanding both durability and ecological purity. The innovative design creates a truly inspiring workspace.

The Timber Building


120,000 SF TOTAL

  • Six stories
  • Mass timber loft office building designed by Hacker
  • 11’8” ceiling heights
  • Wood sequesters carbon for the life cycle of its usage, especially when harvested from sustainably managed forests
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by 15-20% during mass timber construction
  • Mass timber is more fire resistant than steel
  • Mass timber buildings can be 30-40% of the weight of an equally-sized concrete building
  • The total carbon footprint is 1/3 smaller than similarly sized steel and concrete buildings
  • Employees in environments with natural elements report: 15% higher level of well-being, 6% higher level of productivity, 15% higher level of creativity